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Swiss Automation Shawn

My name is Shawn and this is my 2001 Viper GTS. Ever since the first time I saw a viper ...
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 Swiss Automation Doug

My name is Doug and my hobby is building scale models. I especially enjoy the ...
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 Swiss Automation Ken

My name is Ken. 'Twas a big thrill being PIC (Pilot In Command) of this recently restored ...
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 Swiss Automation Matt

My name is Matt and when I'm not setting up a machine, I play guitar for a band ...
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 Swiss Automation Vanessa

My name is Vanessa. I got a different view of Lake Michigan being inverted in ...
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 Swiss Automation Marc

My name is Marc and I am a member of and instructor for the Porsche Club of ...
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 Swiss Automation Paco

My name is Paco and I studied graphic design. I like drawing American muscle cars almost as much as I like  ...     Read more

 Swiss Automation Dave

My name is Dave and here's my hobby: Helping take care of and feed exotic animals - lions ... Read more

 Swiss Automation Larry

My name is Larry and I have a 2004 Chevy truck that I use to pull my 2003 Tracker Boat and  2002 ATV ...   Read more