About Us


Swisss Automation deco Magazine ArticleSwiss Automation, Inc. was founded over 45 years ago. Its first products were simple screw machine parts made on cam operated screw machines.

In 1984 CNC machines were added to the shop floor. By 1998 all mechanical equipment was phased out and CNC machine tools were used exclusively. The products are now more complex and the parts we produce today feature cross hole drilling and tapping, slot milling, polygon milling, "C" axis milling, miniature hole drilling, pickoff with complex and extensive backworking, milling of non conventional forms, eccentric and off center work. Customers can design complexity into their product features because we have the technology to produce it to their specifications.

Swiss Automation, Inc. is committed to having the latest technology in Swiss type machine tools. We have averaged capital equipment purchases of $2,000,000 per year since 1998. This investment reflects our commitment to serving our customers with the ability to produce complex parts at high speed and efficiency.

Swiss Automation, Inc. has a reputation for high quality machining and we are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Our apprentice program is recognized as the best training method within the industry. New hires are trained in all facets of inspection, tool room procedures, machine maintenance, machine operation, tool making and programming. Instruction is provided by our experienced machinists as well as the equipment builders themselves.

Our Barrington facility is 50,000 square feet, and our Cary facility is 52,000 square feet. Which brings our manufacturing footprint up to 102,000 square feet!! 18,000 square feet is a fresh addition to our Cary facility and is starting to fill with machines to meet our customers' needs.

Swiss Automation, Inc.’s commitment to growth and technology means our customers will continue to be served with the highest quality components produced with the latest technology and efficiency.