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Welcome to Swiss Automation, Inc. and our NEW WEBSITE! 

New features include: Request a Quote online, Apply online, videos and articles on Swiss Automation and what we do, updated job postings, updated equipment list, and a used equipment for sale.

Swiss Automation, Inc. is a leader in precision machining. We utilize the latest technology in multi-axis CNC Swiss Screw machines, enabling us to service our customers with speed, quality, and precision. Swiss Automation, Inc. is one of the country’s largest holders of Tornos-Bechler DECO CNC Swiss Screw machines, the only Swiss-made, Swiss-type screw machines.

This technology allows our customers to design complexity into their product features because we have the technology to support their specifications. Our "state of the art" equipment allows us to:

  • Produce complex parts in one operation, saving time and money
  • Produce components with tolerances to .0002"
  • Machine parts up to 2.75" diameter
  • Reduce set-up time and quickly change over the machines to new jobs
  • Serve you with accuracy, precision and short lead times

Swiss Automation, Inc. is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Our Quality Assurance and Customer Service Programs are comprehensive. Customer needs are handled with care and efficiency, from quoting through final inspection.

Swiss Automation, Inc. proudly serves the hydraulic, telecommunications, electronic, medical, dental, automotive, and instrumentation industries. Please take our virtual plant tour and review our machining capabilities to see how we can meet your precision machining needs.

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